Christianity Explained

This tried and tested course of six sessions offers a straightforward, no-nonsense introduction for people wanting to find out about Jesus. It is ideal for presenting Jesus’ challenge in a non-threatening way, beginning with the assumption that the viewer knows nothing of the gospel. In many countries people growing up today do not have a Sunday School understanding of the gospel, or even the basic facts about Jesus. Christianity Explained gets away from the quick one-off presentation of the gospel which has characterised much of our evangelistic efforts in the past. Based on six studies from Mark’s gospel, this is a tried-and-tested tool for evangelism. It presents the challenge of Jesus in a way that is non-threatening and concentrates on the facts concerning the person and work of Christ. It begins with the assumption that the hearer knows absolutely nothing about Jesus or the Good News. During the course, participants will be invited to discuss and question what they are hearing and, by the end of the six ‘studies’, will be challenged to repentance, belief and a trust in Jesus.

What’s Christianity all about?

Find out about God, Jesus, Christianity and the meaning of life over 6 sessions in a relaxed environment

This course is for you if you:

Would like to discover what Christianity is all about in a non-threatening environment
Are a new believer and would like to consolidate what you believe; or
Someone who has been at church for a long time, and would like to do a refresher of the basics of your faith.

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