We have a very full programme for you during Advent and Christmas 2020!

Please contact the office on 3821 2443 to register you attendance as we have limited numbers.

Apart from our usual Christmas services this year we have a few extra’s planned for December. Plese note the following:

Sunday 6 December at 6:00pm- A Celtic Blue Christmas.

Why a Blue Christmas? Cries of “Merry Christmas!” and non-stop caroling contrast with the feelings of many people at this time of year. For those suffering from the recent or impending death of loved ones, for the loenly and for those whose families are in crisis, it can be a very isolated and dreary time. Every greeting and every song reminds the grief-stricken of how unhappy life is at this moment. Many churches have begun to recognize that Festivals of Lessons and Carols, celebrations of Christmas, and children’s pageants doa not meet everyone’s needs. To fill this gap we offer a Blue Christmas service, a Service of Solace for those who find this to be a painful time of the year. People who are not having a very merry Christmas and friends who support them are invited to come and sit with one another in a liturgy that speaks of the love of God for the grieving.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The above services are but an introduction to the main services for the celebration of our Lord’s birth in 2020 our Christmas service will be:

Christmas Eve Family Service.

This is a very special service for the children where we bless the Christmas Tree, turn on Christmas Fairy lights, sing songs and hear the story of of baby Jesus and make Christingles. Come along and enjoy the magic of Christmas and make Christingles with us. Children of all ages are welcome.