Christian Meditation

The Christian meditation group meets weekly on Friday at 09:30 in Old St Paul’s Church, Cleveland. We are affiliated to the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). Each week we share a little from the writings of the ‘masters’, and we enjoy 20 minutes of silence. We have access to the CD’s and other teachings that come to us from the WCCM.

This is a place of prayer and silence, but also of community and we trust that you will feel wrapped in the warmth of our fellowship and blessed as you journey with us in pursuing a more contemplative way of life.

While we meet weekly, we endeavour to grow in our daily practice of meditation. It is a journey and THE important thing is that we are on the road, despite our many set backs and difficulties. Come as you are and as you are able. You will always be very welcome. For more details contact the Parish Office on 3821 2443.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a universal spiritual wisdom and a practice that we find at the core of all the great religious traditions, leading from the mind to the heart. It is a way of simplicity, silence and stillness. It can be practised by anyone from wherever you are on your life’s journey. It is only necessary to be clear about the practice and then to begin – and keep on beginning.

Potential Spiritual Benefits

Live with greater awareness of the presence of the Spirit of God

Feel and aliveness by being more rooted inthe present moment

Become more conscious of the needs of others.

Experience more joy in daily routines.

Feel more capable to handle that what life presents (the ups and downs)

See the results meditation in the improvement of relationships.

Become more compassionate.

Potential Physical Benefits

Allow’s one to become more aware of one’s body and it’s reaction to stress. Meditation, thereby, offers a way to control stress.

Meditation allows us to feel less anxious and more in control.

Many leading heart specialists recommend meditation as a part of a comprehensive program to control and reverse heart disease.

Offers us the joy of connectedness with other in a supportive community of prayer.


To Make an Enquiry

. Telephone the Church Office on 07 3821 2443, Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm, for detailed information or contact Fr Cameron on 0416 845 875.

The best way to learn to meditate is to meditate with others.

You are welome to come and share the silence and peace with those of us who meditate at East Redland Anglican.

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