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Our Next Service will be:

23 June 2024 at 6:00pm!

The Ceili De

At 6:00 p.m. on the Fourth Sunday of each month, East Redland Anglican offers “The Ceile De Service”. The Ceile De Service is a service based on the Celtic spiritual tradition. It combines the meditative silence, the simplicity of utterance, and the faithful commitment to care for the earth that many of us are yearning for in our lives. It is drawn from the liturgical traditions of Iona and Northumbria, and the music at these services is contemplative, lively and haunting. The prayers are at once earthy, holy and inclusive. All are welcome at this service.

The Ceili De service includes healing prayer for those who desire it. There is no traditional sermon, but a brief reflection near the beginning of the service given by a lay person or sometimes by a member of the clergy.

All are welcome to receive Communion. Please do not worry about “doing it right.” The important thing is simply that you know that God welcomes you, and there is no telling how God might reach you in Communion.  Just be open.

Reflections from our service can be heard by clicking the link to the East Redland Podcast.

Why Celtic Liturgy?

The question could be asked whether a `Celtic Eucharist’ consisting of ancient texts is of any use or relevance in today’s world. I would answer that it is not my intention to `mimic’ an ancient Eucharist, but to link our cultural experience into the living tradition of the Church. Liturgy exists in the here and now. The Liturgy is the sacred work of the people of God, and it is to carve the kingdom of God from the raw material of creation. Its real significance is to make all things whole, to bring all things into Oneness in heaven and on earth through the symbols of the elements. The Eucharist may be celebrated at twelve noon today, but that same liturgy has to link us back in time, even joining in the echo of worship which existed before history began. It may be seen as a pageant, or simple memorial of the First Liturgy, but it is more than that; it must bring the Apostolic City into the now, and then onwards joining with the Heavenly City. The dialogue with the past locates our present in the mainstream of Tradition, and is the guarantee of the Presence now. My `now’ exists because of tradition and within the Tradition.

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