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Illuminate is a new bible study group at East Redland Anglican lead by The Rev. Cameron Freese.

We are currently engaging in a Study on the ministry of Blessing and how we might be able to develop ministry in this area through the Local Houses of Prayer Network.

Please join us the 2nd and 4th Thursday’s of the month at 6pm at St Paul’s Cleveland.

The Blessings Course (the original Ffald y Brenin Version) is a 7-session course where understanding and experience flourish together. Working in a group session enables you to learn better, laugh together and rejoice together, practice together, making friends and deepening fellowship. It is preferably run weekly, but fortnightly is possible.

The Blessings Course is intensely practical. Key Subjects include:

THE GOD WHO BLESSES/ Grasping the goodness of God

BEING BLESSED/ Our Personal Discovery of Foundational Truth

CALLED TO BLESS/ The Priestly Role of Every Christian

BLESSING/ The Person in Front of Me


BLESSING/ Areas, Regions, Nations

BLESSING/ A New Life and a New Community

By the end of the course you should expect to be more confident in your personal relationship with the Lord; enjoying the experience of his blessing on your life; and effective at blessing others through words as well as deeds.