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The Athchogain De

At 6:00 p.m. on the Second Sunday of each month, East Redland Anglican offers “The Athchogain De Service”. The Athchogain De is a time of meditation and contemplation based on the Celtic spiritual tradition. This will be a non-eucharistic service which combines meditative silence, the simplicity of utterance, and a place where we can “ruminate” on the word of God as a part of the lives of the Celtic Saints.

The Athchogain De Service will draw from the liturgical traditions of Lindisfarne and Northumbria, and the music at these services is contemplative, lively and haunting. The prayers are at once earthy, holy and inclusive. All are welcome at this service.

Please do not worry about “doing it right.” The important thing is simply that you know that God welcomes you, and there is no telling how God might reach you.  Just be open to the possibility of encounter God in the silence.